The Toaster - Good Vibrations - August

Good Vibrations - The Toaster
The OlsoKaffe ArtSpace proudly host the UK street artist known as "The Toaster". In a solo exhibition of recent works including classic forms as well as abstracted states.

Opening Party on the 5th August Meet the artist.

The Toaster is an icon of the street art movement but it's concept was conceived years before this genre existed. On January 1st 1999, three people started to place their Toaster image on the streets. Stickers, stencils and posters were soon all over Britain, Europe and then the world. Their murals adorned walls and they painted the Toaster on flags at the Glastonbury Festival, banners in football stadiums and on the roads of the Tour de France. These were seen by millions on tv. Now 17 years on, one of the original three people relentlessly carries on the project, painting and pasting his Toaster in abstracted forms as well as in its 'classic' original state. These 'classic' style paintings form the basis of his exhibition 'Good Vibrations'. | @thetoasters Instagram

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